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Epoxy Removal Sydney

Epoxy Removal Sydney Glue Epoxy Removal Sydney | Paint and epoxy coating removal The epoxy paint is generally bi-component, applicable on all surfaces, including tile, concrete, stone, wood and PVC. Its use in decoration and renovation is limitless. Paint and epoxy coating removal Its characteristics are veryRead more

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At Artstone we have innovated the Superfloor method based on our own knowledge and practices in polished concrete throughout the years. This particularly distinctive flooring system without a fail transforms your existing or new concrete floor into an exceedingly abrasive resistant, smooth and visually pleasing polished concrete floor. We have always delighted ourselves on quality work, dependability and competitiveness to ensure ... Read More

Concrete Flooring is Ideal for :

Residential Flooring | Commercial Flooring | Industrial Flooring | Internal Living Areas | External Living Areas | Concrete Driveways | Showrooms | Restaurants | Supermarkets | Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions | Retail | Salons | Pubs and Clubs | Hotels | Garages | Hospital Flooring | Anti-slip Flooring | Architectural Homes, etc.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Since the Roman Times concrete has been considered to be as a composition of stones and cement paste that use to get polished by hands. At present times demand for concrete flooring has been significant. Either for commercial, industrial or residential job. At Artstone we have developed an exclusive flooring system by using the worlds leadings equipment , concrete treatment products and Diamond tools. At Artstone we have innovated the Superfloor method based on our own knowledge and practices ...

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coatings repair floor damage and provide-sound basecoat. They are ideal for odor-sensitive stock and odor-sensitive environments.

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